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Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
to take medicare, the medicare guarantee and turn it into a voucher which will cost seniors $6400 a year more. taking students and asking them to pay more for loans, cutting pell grants. it's taking middle class families and increasing their taxes -- >> moderator: i'm hearing you say the general sense of fairness, this 70/30 that you've come up with. congressman, you signed a pledge for grover norquist's americans for tax reform to never raise taxes, but now you're saying you would consider deficit reduction solutions that would include increased revenue. why the change? dold: well, certainly if you're going to lower rates or raise rates in one area, you've got to lower them in another. and i don't believe that raising taxes is necessarily the answer -- >> moderator: but you're now open to increased revenue, and two years ago -- i'm asking why the change? dold: because when i got to washington, things were worse than even i anticipated. what i am looking to try to do is solve these big problems. so i've come forth with an idea and a plan. certainly, i want to focus on my main street jobs
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of medicare and medicaid, social security and the interest on the national debt, all of those combined will exceed total govern unchecked government revenue by the year 2025. by 2040, 50% more than all the government collects in taxes. and that assumes that the tax collection levels will be about 20% of gdp, which is a big bet. and so, congresswoman ann marie buerkle. it's clear that taxes will get the job done come how you solve this problem? buerkle: thank you for hosting the event today. as evidence of what you showed us, we have a problem in this country. must we look at where money is going, right now the entitlement system and the way it is set up, they perpetuate themselves and they are not looked at. there are no changes being proposed and we know how dramatic medicare and medicaid spending is going up. it is a tremendous burden on her counting. we have to cut cabin balance will be cut spending and we kept our spending and we put a balanced budget and to place so that we have a spending plan. the problem is, that the senate has failed to take up the budget. it is very difficult
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2